4 Best E-Bike Shops in Ohio

Electric bikes, also known as e-bikes, are bicycles equipped with an electric motor and a rechargeable battery. The motor provides assistance to the rider, making pedaling easier and allowing for faster speeds and longer distances.

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Here are some e-bike shops in Ohio:

  1. Propel Bikes – Located in Brooklyn, Ohio, Propel Bikes offers a wide range of electric bikes, including commuter e-bikes, mountain e-bikes, and folding e-bikes. They also provide accessories and offer repair services.

  2. Bike Ohio – With locations in Columbus and Cincinnati, Bike Ohio is a popular bike shop that carries a selection of electric bikes. They offer various brands and styles, catering to different riding preferences.

  3. Roll: Bicycle Company – Located in Cleveland, Roll: Bicycle Company specializes in urban transportation, including e-bikes. They carry a range of electric bikes designed for commuting and city riding.

  4. Lake Shore Cycling & Fitness – Situated in Toledo, Ohio, Lake Shore Cycling & Fitness is a full-service bike shop that carries e-bikes. They offer a variety of brands and models, including electric mountain bikes and electric hybrids.

  5. E-Bike Central Ohio – Based in Columbus, E-Bike Central Ohio is a dedicated electric bike shop offering a wide range of e-bikes, including cruisers, road bikes, and cargo bikes. They provide test rides and expert advice to help customers find the right e-bike for their needs.

  6. Trek Bicycle Store – With several locations throughout Ohio, Trek Bicycle Store is a well-known bike retailer that carries electric bikes alongside their traditional bikes. They offer a selection of Trek e-bikes, known for their quality and performance.

  7. Black Pug Bike Repair – Located in Cincinnati, Black Pug Bike Repair is a shop that specializes in electric bike conversions. They can help convert your existing bike into an e-bike by adding a motor and battery system.

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